2019 BioNet Symposium – Feedback

The annual BioNet Symposium was successfully held on April 19, 2019 at San Diego State University. This year's program covered Zika virus effects in brains, Project Management strategies, ABSA current role and effort to promote biosafety worldwide, biosecurity and biosafety risks associated with synthetic biology, biosafety considerations when administrating viral vector or human pathogens in rodent, challenges when handling coxsackie B virus, and tips on how to approach investigators initiating new projects.

The Committee would like to thank BioRaft for sponsoring the symposium and the exhibitors (Applied Instruments, Berlin Packaging, Corporate Environmental Advisors, and Technical Safety Services Inc.) for their support.

Attendees also enjoyed a day of networking, and raffle prizesĀ and afterwards gathering at a nearby brewery. We hope to see you all at the next BioNet event!