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EH&S Specialist, Kent State University, Kent, OH

Salary: $48,970 – $67,552 annually
Full time

Responsible for the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental health and safety hazards at Kent State University. Works with university departments to minimize environmental health and safety risks and to manage compliance with applicable regulations and industry best practices. Reports to Manager of Environmental Health and Safety.

Duties/essential functions may include, but not be limited to, the following: Coordinate biological safety programs throughout all research areas of Kent State University; Serve as the Biological Safety Officer on the Institutional Biosafety Committee; Assist faculty and staff with biosafety related matters; Develop and conduct biosafety educational training; Develop and implement emergency response procedures for incidents involving biohazardous agents and materials; Create, implement, and conduct audits; Maintain inventory system; Provide and maintain training records for all applicable employees; Coordinate the hazardous chemical waste and/or the infectious waste programs.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 988462).

Posted 1/10/18

High Containment Officer, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Full time

Under the supervision of the Biosafety Officer, the High Containment Officer will provide biosafety services to the USC research community with an emphasis on the USC BSL3/ABSL3 Facility. All components of a large academic institution’s biosafety program are included in the role. The successful applicant will have experience in biomedical research and the practices , procedures, and regulations required to operate a safe and secure BSL3/ABSL3 Facility in a biomedical setting.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # REQ20053694).

Posted 12/20/17

Director, EH&S, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Full Time
Salary: $81,168 – $142,104 annually

Reporting directly to the University Chief Risk Officer, the Director, Environmental Health & Safety Director manages, coordinates and monitors the administration of the Environmental Health and Safety Department and the policies, procedures and regulations that govern safety protocols and compliance responsibilities of the University. This position provides the strategic leadership of Environmental Health & Safety in accordance with the Enterprise Risk Services strategic plan and mission. To meet this responsibility, the incumbent is required to maintain effective and consistent coordination with University Administrators, the Research Office, the Compliance Office, the Office of General Counsel, Deans and Directors across all OSU campus locations.

In addition, the Director of Environmental Health & Safety is responsible for the operational management of the Environmental Health & Safety functional groups, which consist of Lab Safety, Hazardous Waste/Training, Biological Safety, Radiation Safety, Chemical Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Fire and Life Safety.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 53321).

Posted 12/19/17

Biosafety Officer, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Full Time

The Biosafety Officer will provide institutional biosafety support and for the University of Washington’s Biological Safety Programs for regulatory compliance and protection of faculty, staff, students, and the community. This position is essential for the support of the University’s research and teaching mission. This position must exercise significant judgment, discretion, risk management, and professional expertise in the interpretation and application of federal, state, local, and University policies, protocols, and regulations. This position is in the EH&S Department, Research and Occupational Safety Section and works with an interdisciplinary team of occupational health and safety professionals with specialties in occupational health, biosafety, chemical safety, and occupational hygiene.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 151113).

Posted 12/6/17

Director Environmental Health & Safety, University of California Riverside, CA

Full Time

$94,600 – $186,400 annually

The Director of Environmental Health & Safety will be responsible for the operational management of the Environmental Health & Safety department (19 career staff, $2.6M operating budget), consisting of the following functional units (1) Fire & Life Safety; (2) Laboratory/Research Safety; (3) Industrial Safety/Hygiene; and (4) Environmental Programs. As a “hands-on” administrator, establish specific, measurable departmental and individual operational plans and goals for each unit and monitor progress against these plans. They will serve as the key campus administrator responsible for addressing the environmental, health, and safety issues the campus faces and address key program issues and risks and develop appropriate plans and procedures, ensure adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements, handle various issues related to research and instructional support, and promote the use of safe work practices and tools/equipment throughout the campus. The incumbent will serve as the campus point of contact with governmental safety and regulatory agencies on environmental, safety, and emergency management issues that affect the University. Provide professional advice on safety and regulatory issues affecting the University’s instructional and research functions. The incumbent will oversee the human resources management function for the department, coaching and guiding employees in the completion of their assignments, promoting career development objectives as possible, and ensuring consistent application of personnel policies across the department. The incumbent will provide direct supervisory oversight to the Industrial Safety/Hygiene group, as well as the administrative and training functions that support each of the four operational units.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 201708280661).

Posted 10/26/17

Health/Safety Specialist, Northern Arizona University, AZ

Full Time

  • Develops, implements, and monitors compliance of campus biosafety programs, procedures, and training. Serves as a technical assistant to the Biosafety Officer, ensuring the safe use of biological agents and biohazards. Identifies corrective actions and prepares accurate and complete technical reports.  Provides general biosafety and bloodborne pathogens training and biosafety/biosecurity-related guidance to researchers in field or laboratory settings regarding safe work practices.
  • Inspects laboratories and facilities that work with recombinant DNA materials and/or organisms including human or animal pathogens and other biological materials requiring Biological Safety/Animal Biological Safety Level One (BSL1/ABSL1) or Level Two (BSL2/ABSL2) containment.
  • Provides administrative support to the Institutional Biosafety Committee.
  • Coordinates the autoclave and biological safety cabinet certification programs.
  • Maintains training records, inspection reports and other biosafety records in appropriate online systems and databases.
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of an occupational health surveillance program for biohazardous agents.
  • Assists in emergency response and incident investigation involving biological incidents (potential exposures, illnesses, complaints, or releases) and recommends or coordinates corrective action as needed.
  • Pursues professional development opportunities including webinars, regional and national/international conferences to maintain a thorough knowledge of existing or proposed changes to applicable laws and regulations and skill in interpreting and applying Federal and State regulations and related biosafety guidelines.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 603408).

Posted 9/15/17

HSE & BC Manager, Novartis, La Jolla, CA

Full Time

The purpose of this role is to lead, develop, implement, and oversee effective HSE&BC site management systems and provide direction to HSE&BC associates and outsourced service providers in line with local, regional and global expectations.

In this role the Manager may provide supervision to 1-3 dedicated HSE&BC technicians or contractors. Provide technical expertise and leadership for one or more HSE&BC activities and objectives as determined by the site’s needs:
• Develops effective and efficient HSE&BC Management Systems and supporting programs that are appropriate in consideration of the site’s complexity, population, regulatory burden/environment, criticality and location.
• Ensures that robust systems are in place to demonstrate and verify compliance with all pertinent Novartis HSE&BC Guidelines, and associated Guidance Notes, HSE&BC regulations, permits, statutes, local ordinances and/or other externally driven requirements.
• Manages all aspects of the site response, including hazard identification and control, investigations and coordination of corrective actions, to injuries and illnesses, emergency situations such as spills or leaks of hazardous materials and regulatory inspections.
• Provides leadership in terms of providing timely hazard information for Novartis products.
• Coordinates Contractor Safety pre-qualification and site orientation program contributing to high quality, compliant and safe contractor services with significant focus on avoiding potential Serious Injuries or Fatalities.

Visit the Company website for more information and to apply (Ref # 219751BR).

Posted 8/21/17

Laboratory Safety Specialist, University of Nevada, Reno NV

Full Time

The Specialist, Laboratory Safety, positions support the Laboratory Safety program within the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department by working to improve laboratory safety work practices through compliance with regulatory requirements and assisting the campus chemical inventory and hazard communication functions.

The Specialist works directly with administrators, faculty, laboratory staff, and students to reduce biological and chemical risks and achieve compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. The position reviews scientific protocols, evaluates laboratory work spaces and procedures, and assists laboratory personnel in correcting deficiencies. The Specialist presents training and educational materials for laboratory safety training sessions and other forums. The position may serve as the Alternate Responsible Official for the University of Nevada, Reno select agent program (bioterrorism agents). The Specialist assists in coordinating the campus biosafety cabinet certification and maintenance program, and coordinating review of biological agent use protocols and other Institutional Biosafety Committee activities.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 72689).

Posted 7/27/17

Biological Safety Officer, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

Full Time

Under the general direction of a designated administrator, The Biological Safety Officer is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and managing a comprehensive biological safety program at the University of Arizona. The successful incumbent will be responsible for promoting safe practices and procedures involving or regarding biological research, stimulating responsible activities among faculty, staff and students, providing education and guidance for the safe conduct of biological research, and ensuring compliance with National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules and regulations.

Key responsibilities include directing regulatory guidance and quality assurance activities, supervising technical staff, providing technical assistance and consultation and long-term follow-up, managing adverse events, and designing and delivering educational and training programs.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # A21794).

Posted 7/5/17

Chemical Hygiene/Biosafety Officer, Cal Poly Ponoma, Ponoma CA

Full Time

The Chemical Hygiene/Biosafety Officer will be tasked with monitoring the chemical hygiene program which includes the use of chemicals or hazardous materials, the generation and accumulation of waste streams and use of personal protective equipment in very diverse university operations such as laboratories, shops, classrooms, maintenance and prep areas; serve in an integral role to monitor various campus areas on a frequent basis to ensure communication with departments, leads, technicians and employees on the proper use of personal protective equipment, safe operating procedures, chemical storage, safety data sheets and control measures; this process will include the maintenance of several important documents including the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), hazardous materials inventory and relevant reporting processes or procedures; and assist in emergency response activities.  The incumbent is tasked with monitoring the biosafety program which includes the use of biological hazards within laboratory environments; serve as a subject matter expert to faculty, departments, leads, technicians and employees on safe laboratory procedures with respect to use of biological organisms including ensuring regulatory compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws; and tasked with monitoring the radiation safety program which includes participation on the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), monitoring employee exposure reports, tracking dosimeter assignments and inventory of radiation sources.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 60324).

Posted 6/1/17

Biosafety Officer, City of Hope, Duarte, CA

Full Time

The Biosafety Officer administers the Biological Safety Program and ensures that institutional policies and procedures comply with all applicable governmental and accrediting agency regulations and standards. Essential job accountability also include monitoring safety practices and policies of recombinant DNA and infectious agents’ users, maintaining permits and institutional records concerning the authorization for possession and use of biohazardous agents, assigning tasks and providing technical guidance and direction to department staff members, participating in risk assessment for biology laboratories, conducting periodic inspections, developing procedures for handling and investigating accidental spills and personal contamination, and assisting appropriate committees and investigators on biosafety procedures.

Visit the University website for more information and to apply (Ref # 9872).

Posted 5/18/17

EH&S Manager, Teknor Apex, City of Industry, CA

Full Time

In this role as EH&S Manager you will be responsible for supporting the facility with an effective EHS program. Incorporating safety and environmental plans for the site; which will include emergency response, exposure monitoring, developing and maintaining EHS policies, plant inspections and audits for environment, health, safety and housekeeping.

Visit the Company website for more information and to apply (Ref # 2016-1914).

Posted 3/27/17

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